What is Blockhain’s potential for Indian economy


By Saurabh Ambwani

Blockchain has been around for a while now and has cemented its place in the list of technologies which hold the potential to transform the world around us. Much of the attention that it has garnered has come from the volatility of cryptocurrencies, disruption caused by decentralized finance (DeFi) or the speculative nature of digital assets in the form on NFTs. Having said that, there’s much more that the tech can deliver, especially for countries like India. 

For the world’s largest democracy, and by some estimates the world’s most populous country, digital transformation across government services can bring accessibility, inclusion, and convenience to the daily lives of the masses. Blockchain can further add a layer of transparency and can be a highly effective way to counter corruption, fraud, and bureaucracy. For instance, consider the transformational benefits of moving land records on a decentralized ledger. It is estimated that almost 25% of all cases in the country’s supreme court are related to land dispute, clogging an already…

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