Frances Powers displays digital art at All Angels By the Sea


Digital art has been gaining popularity in the last decade, but combining it with a traditional form creates a new path to self-expression. 

Frances Powers, a local artist, has been creating art all her life. Her art exhibit will be displayed at All Angels By the Sea Episcopal Church in Longboat Key until June 29. It offers a vibrant view of the familiar and unfamiliar to form something anew. 

“I have a bachelor’s in fine arts as well as a master’s in painting and animated filmmaking,” said Powers. “I was one of the original founding members of HERA Co-Operative Art Gallery in Rhode Island.”

Her work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the country and encompasses organic forms derived from nature.

“Gold Moon” by Frances Powers

Courtesy image

Powers was creating abstract landscapes when Microsoft Paint first came out in 1985.

She opened the program and immediately began her journey into digital art.

“The work I do is mixed-media. I’ve always done nature landscapes…

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