June 15 ‘Artist Talk’ focuses on digital art — Neuse News


On June 15, the smART Gallery will host an “Artist Talk” at 6 p.m. The featured artist is Alice Shapiro, who will discuss her digital art form and worldwide exhibitions. The smART Gallery is located at 210 N. Queen Street in Kinston.

Shapiro graduated from SUNY Farmingdale and studied Fine Studio Art at Hunter College with Robert Huot. While at Hunter, sculptor Donald Lipski chose Shapiro for a student show at the Hunter Galler. Shapiro received an Air France Art Award and was accepted into the smART Kinston art residency program 2022-23.

Shapiro began her art career as a portraitist in pastels, oils, and acrylics and found digital creation to be a life-changing creative direction in her art career. Shapiro’s influences are Bauhaus, Surrealism, the Collagists, Pop Art, and Installation.

As a digital collage artist and previously a Painter/Curator, Shapiro sees more technological inclusion evolving. Her art explores chaos/order, design/fine art, and complexity/simplicity. She seeks to solve the dichotomy of diversity versus exclusivity.

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