Ledger Recover with Pascal Gauthier, NVK, Matt Odell & Harry Sudock — What Bitcoin Did


Pascal Gauthier is the CEO of Ledger, NVK is the founder of Coinkite, Matt Odell is a podcaster and Bitcoin educator and Harry Sudock is Cheif Strategy Officer at Griid. In this interview, we host a group discussion, regarding Ledger’s Recover firmware update. We talk about the questions this update has raised about the trade-offs between mitigating seed recovery risk over state seizure risks. 

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Full disclosure, Ledger is a sponsor of the What Bitcoin Did Podcast. 

Just under a week ago, Ledger launched a seed recovery service called Ledger Recover. There was an immediate backlash on Twitter, with various prominent voices raising concerns about the security implications. Fundamentally, does this feature open up users to hacking or state seizure risks? Or, is this a useful service that will support efforts to get more users to self-custody? 

The purpose of this show was to enable Pascal Gauthier, the CEO of Ledger, to explain the aims of Ledger’s seed recovery service, and the methods employed to protect users. The show then enabled trusted independent and prominent…

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