My Experience with ICE Poker in Decentraland


In the expansive universe of card games, poker reigns supreme, a game of strategy, skill, luck, and – dare I say – unspoken human understanding. It was with this background that I decided to plunge into the chilling allure of ICE Poker, an innovative and exciting variation that redefines the way we approach this classic game. One among the six casinos run by Decentral Games, these poker rooms embody a fusion of technology, gaming, and blockchain.

ICE Poker – Embracing the Unknown

To the uninitiated, the prospect of playing ICE Poker might seem daunting. The process is a series of simple steps that usher you into the heart of this digital poker revolution. Connecting a Metamask wallet to the Decentral Games website was my first order of business. Acquiring an ICE wearable NFT, either by purchase from an NFT marketplace like OpenSea or by borrowing from another player (thank you, Jarod!), was the next step. I then set off on my journey, visiting the ICE Poker Stronghold in Decentraland, where I joined a poker table, selected my buy-in, and the cards were in the air.


A New…

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