Claire Silver x RSTLSS: The Future of Art


Claire Silver has fans and the larger art world itself eagerly awaiting her newest collection. The digital artist is releasing her never-before-seen collection Pixelgeist on the RSTLSS platform tomorrow. What can we expect from Claire Silver’s newest project?

Claire Silver’s new collection Pixelgeist comes out tomorrow
Image Credit: RSTLSS

What is Pixelgeist?

Pixelgeist combines fashion, art, and technology in both artwork and garment form. The collection centers around the concept of a Pixelgeist, described as “a digital entity that embodies the essence of an AI soul trapped within a portrait, resulting in stunning digital art pieces that are both haunting and beautiful.” It will feature Silver’s trademark style in which she uses AI to produce beautiful pieces of generative art that have made her one of the leading artists to emerge from Web3.

The collection will have a total collection size of 2,136 unique pieces.  It features six different garments,  each one patterned with Silver’s artwork. Silver created 183 exclusive new pieces for the collection to give the…

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