Florida in the lead in emerging blockchain industry


Recent layoff turmoil in Silicon Valley has compelled some pundits to ask — is tech experiencing a midlife crisis?

Interest rate hikes have had an impact, of course, but the larger question, at least according to many industry watchers, is whether tech has lost the scent for the next big thing. After creating “the Uber of” nearly everything, what challenges lie on the horizon?

Thankfully, technological innovation is alive and well, creating jobs and boosting local economies. The best news is that some of the most exciting developments are happening right here in Florida.

The driver behind these gains is blockchain, a technology known for making independent cryptocurrencies possible but also an emerging industry with much more to offer.

Don’t fall asleep with the mention of blockchain. As with most truly novel inventions, blockchain can be confusing at first but also exciting enough to make its proponents, myself included, run on about its potential.

Just as I don’t need to understand how money is transferred electronically by tapping my credit card at Starbucks or when…

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