Minted by Dance: Inside Art Blocks’ Latest Immersive Digital Art Collection


On Wednesday, prominent generative digital art collective Art Blocks will debut its latest curated series, “Human Unreadable”—a three-act conceptual work of choreography involving both on-chain art pieces and physical experiences. 

The project, courtesy of Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti—the Berlin-based art duo known collectively as Operator—will consist of 400 Ethereum NFT art pieces created by dance. 

While that descriptor may sound flowery, it happens to quite literally be true in this case: Catherine and Ti have devised a coding language by which sequences of human movements are translated into what they call choreographic hashes—code that determines the appearance of a piece of digital art.

A “Human Unreadable” piece. Image: Operator

In the same way that other Art Blocks projects are automatically generated at minting by a set of coded parameters, “Human Unreadable” will be generated by automated combinations of dance moves that will give birth to hundreds of unique artworks. 

The series, which will go on sale via Dutch auction on Art Blocks this Wednesday afternoon, does…

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