SuperRare Announces Two-Month NFT Exhibition Takeover at the NYC Seaport


As the summer fast approaches, the 1/1 exhibition season is almost upon us. And as the first in a growing roster of events celebrating the constantly evolving fine art NFT space, SuperRare has announced an exciting two-month exhibition takeover at 0x.17 Gallery located in New York City’s Seaport. 

Opening its doors on June 1, SuperRare at the Seaport aims to unite digital artists, collectors, and enthusiasts in a captivating space that offers an immersive environment for experiencing the exceptional artists that populate the prominent curated marketplace. Here’s what you should know.

SuperRare at the Seaport

During the gallery’s two-month pop-up, the SuperRare curatorial team has organized four unique exhibitions, each presenting a diverse range of thematic showcases centered in Web3. John Crain, CEO of SuperRare, emphasized the importance of the platform’s community of artists and collectors, describing them as the heart and soul of the platform and the inspiration for exhibitions such as this latest one. 

“Last year during our pop-up…

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