Antelope IBC to transform blockchain network functions


The interaction between blockchain networks is poised to undergo a radical transformation thanks to Antelope IBC, a groundbreaking solution built for Antelope-enhanced chains.

Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) is currently a significant technology within the blockchain industry. It enables the communication between various blockchains to continue uninterruptedly.

With IBC, two blockchains can communicate with one another and share information about their respective ledgers, opening the door for further interactions between them. IBC also provides access to a wide range of possibilities. It gives governance utility tokens the chance to profit from several blockchains and launches the process of carrying out transaction routing for the purposes of upgrading GameFi projects. The Antelope IBC enables customers to carry out transactions without the intervention of a third party. Executing the bride system at the lower level of the chain is its primary duty.1

At the present point in time, the Antelope chains realize finality in the blink of an eye. This helps open the doors for…

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