How DNS and Kane Mayfield Reshaped Music & Art NFTs on Tezos


The choice of the platform for this drop wasn’t accidental. DNS chose to operate on the Tezos blockchain to develop a new kind of social rollup for its platform.

Sometimes referred to as ‘layer 3’ by Ethereum developers, this kind of rollup allows for the seamless execution of actions, such as likes, which are then rolled up into blockchain events.

The significance of this feature lies in its ability to enhance the speed of blockchain interactions, making it as fast as liking something on social media platforms. This ensures that the platform operates without the user having to wait for blocks or pay for gas, while maintaining decentralization.

In addition, DNS announced the introduction of ‘Smart Wallets’, which are designed to simplify the often daunting process of wallet creation.

Through account abstraction, Smart Wallets provide a user-friendly experience, allowing users to manage multiple wallets under their account.

This innovation goes beyond treating wallet addresses as identities and seeks to offer users more control over their financial and digital…

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