NFT Toys Make it Big on Amazon as Tron, Polkadot and Big Eyes Coin Lead Best Crypto Projects in 2023


The toy industry is a lucrative market, valued at over $100 Billion in the US alone. Disney, Pokémon, Barbie and Legos all hold a thick piece of the pie of the toy market cap, and it’s hard to foresee a future where this monopoly can be toppled. 

However, in May 2023, Amazon debuted a new toy collection, Pudgy Penguins, which generated over $500,000 in 2 days—outselling the most popular toy brands within the 48-hour cycle.

Pudgy Penguins isn’t an ordinary toy collection; it’s the new ‘NFT Phygital’ toy collection. Purchasing a phygital toy allows you to experience the toy physically and virtually. Therefore, you would be able to play and trade your toy anywhere! Whether it’s your bedroom or the metaverse.

What Pudgy Penguins does differently from other phygital toy collections is that each toy is registered on the blockchain as an NFT. This means every Pudgy Penguin can have their origins and trading history validated on the blockchain to bring user security when trading collector items and defeating knock-off culture in the process.

Phygital NFTs include even more…

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