Shaquille O’Neal Sued Over Astrals Crypto Ownership and Promotion


Shaquille O’Neal has been sued again over his cryptocurrency promotions, this time in connection to his Astrals Project.

A proposed class action filed in Florida federal court on Tuesday alleges that O’Neal violated securities laws by selling unregistered Astrals tokens. Investor Daniel Harper claims that the former NBA star “should have known of potential concerns about regulatory issues concerning the sale of unregistered crypto securities” but promoted them anyway to further his crypto empire.

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O’Neal is one of several celebrity defendants named in a suit against founder Sam Bankman-Fried and stars who endorsed the platform. He appeared in ads for FTX and has been trying to distance himself from the company by saying in December that he was “just a paid spokesperson.” A dispute has recently emerged in the case over claims that he’s been dodging being served, with lawyers for the investors saying they’ve been trying to give him the papers outside of his home, workplace and car for months. O’Neal has denied the accusations.


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