Allianz Trade partner with 4Trans, as company grows 350% Y-O-Y


4Trans, a fintech specialising in financial products for supply chain and logistics companies, has partnered with Allianz Trade to offer SMEs in the EU access to secure funding solutions and protection against potential revenue loss.

Through the partnership, 4Trans will be able to provide EU SMEs with the necessary funding to support their cash flow needs while also ensuring they are protected against poor debts. SMEs can now access superior credit insurance, which is often required, while also being protected against non-payment risks.

The partnership together with 4Trans’ factoring products, equips businesses in the EU with everything they need to gain access to funding for growth and protection against cash flow challenges. 4Trans’ factoring products enable SMEs to access outstanding cash flow from unpaid invoices, enabling them to use their own funds to improve their daily operations or invest in growth plans.

The partnership will also enable 4Trans to offer stronger insurance products to its clients through brokers from Allianz Trade.

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