One Fintech Solution Hopes to Create Equitable Financing in a World of Investors And iBuyers


No doubt it’s been one hectic period for the housing market. Emboldened with excessive stimulus cash and nowhere to spend it, many buyers flooded the real estate realm in 2020. We’re still feeling the fallout nearly three years later. Rapidly increasing appraisal values have led to an influx of investors, iBuyers, and beyond. Especially in North Texas, this has led to low inventory and tight markets.

Unfortunately, these are especially arduous circumstances for many first-time, foreign, or financially nonconforming home buyers. Since credit is becoming ever more difficult to access, home buyers in the aforementioned categories are hardly able to compete.

However, emergent and innovative fintech solutions are coming on the market every day and some of them aim to put housing equity over investor interests.

Milo’s Mortgage Solutions

I’ve been a fan of the fintech innovators at Milo for some time now. Early last year, I spoke with their CEO Josip Rupena about how the organization was allowing buyers to leverage crypto toward mortgages.

As the iBuyer and investor classes…

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