Successfully implementing fintech takes more than just flipping a switch


The following is a guest post by Dan Reeve, Vice President of Sales North America for Esker.

In the famous, I Love Lucy episode “Job Switching,” Lucy and her best friend Ethel take a job at a candy factory after arguing with their spouses over their spending habits.

Lucy and Ethel maintain that their husbands wouldn’t last a day keeping things together at home. Of course, their husbands insist Lucy and Ethel wouldn’t stay a day in the workforce and don’t appreciate the value of a hard-earned dollar.

Hilarity ensues as both sets of friends run into unforeseen mishaps, errors, and challenges while trying to hack it in an unfamiliar environment and prove their counterparts wrong.

Now, there are some painfully outdated gender stereotypes on display in this episode (it was 1952, after all).

Still, the main idea we can glean from it is this: If you’re suddenly expected to do a job outside your usual wheelhouse, you’ll quickly feel overwhelmed.


One role being asked to wear a head-spinning number of hats is…

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