TemDAO Uses Blockchain For Cultural Preservation


In an unusual mix of religion and technology, TemDAO uses the features of Blockchain to provide secure and transparent funding to support world heritage projects. TemDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization which is a collective that’s owned and governed by the people who create the organization’s value. Members of the organization use crypto tokens, in this case the Tem token, to give them a place in decision-making. Based on the Tem token, the project emphasizes long-term sustainability for various cultural sites across the world.

Recently, the project has made substantial donations to bolster preservation efforts in Ukraine and Turkey, aiming to help communities maintain their heritage.

TemDAO’s groundbreaking approach combines innovative strategies with the grassroots involvement of local individuals and organizations. The project is currently collaborating with Ninna-ji temple, a historic temple in Kyoto, Japan, in a bid to reconstruct the aging structure through charitable donations.



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