Vayner3 Teams Up with Red Bull for Doodle Art Program


Vayner3 is partnering with Red Bull for the exciting Doodle Art Program 2023! Significantly, Vayner3 will be facilitating the creation of the ‘Red Bull Doodle Art Collection mentored by Burnt Toast’. Let’s take a closer look!

Unleashing the Potential of Web3: Vayner3 and Red Bull Push Boundaries in Doodle Art.

Global Inspiration: Red Bull’s Doodle Art Competition Empowers Artists Worldwide

Vayner3, the renowned innovation consultancy, is collaborating with Red Bull for the highly anticipated Doodle Art Program 2023. But what does this actually mean?

Markedly, the ‘Red Bull Doodle Art Collection mentored by Burnt Toast’ comprises 61 digital art pieces. These come from the groundbreaking mentorship program between renowned digital artist Burnt Toast and the esteemed Red Bull Doodle Art competition. With the competition’s global reach, Red Bull and Vayner3 strive to inspire and empower a new wave of artists. Additionally, it aims to encourage students and creatives worldwide to unleash their creativity and freely express themselves through imaginative doodles.


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