Unleashing the “Waking Giant” Layer-1 Blockchain With A Significantly Bright Future


GLITCH Is Positioned To Make A Mark In DeFi

Singapore : Glitch Protocol layer-1 DeFi blockchain is a “waking giant”, poised to disrupt the industry with its groundbreaking features and unparalleled potential. GLITCH is preparing for a momentous leap forward and welcoming builders into the ecosystem. The project stands on the verge of a significant growth phase, with traders eyeing its token, GLCH, with the potential for more than 20x returns. This surge in optimism is fueled by the recent deployment of native smart contracts on the mainnet, inviting a wave of developers into the ecosystem. The awarding of Grants is a much-needed boost to these builders, further strengthening the project’s potential for future success.

The Glitch ecosystem is set to soar even higher with the upcoming introduction of a Launchpad, NFT marketplace, and the Glitch Decentralized Exchange (GEX). With Glitch Grants exceeding $50,000 already awarded to nurture the development of innovative dApps building on the network, Glitch is on the verge of an unprecedented transformation. With everything in…

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