7 ways creatives use AI in art and design


Have you been wondering how to use AI in art and design? It’s worth remembering it isn’t only the direct creation of art that AI can be used for – many creatives are harnessing AI to help their creative workflow in myriad ways. Until a couple of years ago, few people were talking about AI outside of the worlds of IT and web development. Now, suddenly, it’s everywhere, and it’s taking on many forms. 

ChatGPT crossed one billion users in March. A hit song, now pulled from streaming services, used AI to fake vocals from Drake and The Weeknd. Youngsters everywhere are playing with Snapchat’s new AI tool. Google, Microsoft and others are racing to incorporate AI into their search engines and other software. Even Adobe’s getting in on the act, launching its own ‘ethical’ AI art platform Firefly, which cleverly integrates with Google. (Not sure what we’re on about? See our explainer covering ‘what is AI art?‘ and how it is made.)

How creatives use AI in art and design – and how you can use AI to augment your workflow

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