Middletown Arts Center exhibiting works by artists in this region


Middletown Arts Center is currently featuring works of professional and amateur photographers and digital artists from the Dayton-Cincinnati region with the “Annual Photography & Digital Art Exhibition.”

“This is Middletown Arts Center’s 11th Annual Photography & Digital Art Competition. A growing number of photographers and digital artists from the Dayton Cincinnati region are attracted to this streamlined and professional exhibition. The online submission process is very smooth and the MAC exhibition committee selects extremely competent and experienced judges to maintain the quality and integrity of the exhibition,” said Kate Dykes, executive director of Middletown Arts Center.

The exhibition will run through Aug. 24 and it’s free and open to the public.

“We hope visitors will be transported in time or place and feel the moods and emotions the talented artists have captured. It is exciting to see how individual artists’ choice of presentation highlights their work, some will be canvas, metal, mounted on acrylic, high gloss or matte paper and framed. The exhibition…

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