Break into more immersive digital art with Huion’s Inspiroy and Kamvas tablets


Digital art creation offers much more versatility, but it’s impeded by inorganic tools that don’t offer the same tactile feedback and experience of pen, brush, and paper. Huion’s lineup of drawing tablets set out to change that with options for just about anyone.

Huion offers an array of different tools for digital artists, ranging from simple and accurate tablets that input your strokes directly into another device to tablets complete with screens for instant feedback. Huion goes even further and offers multimedia input devices for those that need something more than a QWERTY keyboard when using programs like Photoshop.

The Inspiroy 2 series is one of the most versatile, offering three different size options with multiple colorways to fit your office or on-the-go style. The smallest option comes in at 6.3 x 3.9-inches while the largest hits 10 x 6-inches.

At its core, the Inspiroy 2 is a drawing tablet that offers a simple yet effective paper-like experience. The panel’s friction is engineered to emulate physical paper to offer a…

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