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We had the privilege of sitting down with the remarkable NFT artist, EL ROKK, to delve into his artistic journey and his insights into the world of digital art and NFTs. Check out his latest Drop Medusa on SuperRare.

Tell us about your artistic journey and how you got started in the world of digital art and NFTs.

After obtaining my degree in Graphic and Art from RMIT Melbourne, I spent over a decade freelancing. In 2020, I ventured into the NFT world after conversations with my friend Vangeli, who was passionate about NFTs. Intrigued, I applied to join SUPERRARE, and in December 2020, I received the exciting news that I was accepted, becoming the first Malaysian artist on the platform. Designing and illustrating have been constants in my life, from my childhood days with paper and pencil to the digital realm. Now, 13 years later, I continue to create and draw full-time.


As a digital artist, what inspired you to explore the realm of NFTs? How do you see NFTs shaping the future of art?

The love that collectors showed for art in the NFT space was my main…

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