Tornado Cash Founders Charged with Laundering More than $1 Billion


Hours after the DOJ announced that OpenSea’s former product manager Nathan Chastain would be sentenced to three months in prison, it just announced another major indictment — this time, against the crypto mixing service, Tornado Cash.

And for its two founders, ominous clouds loom, signaling an impending storm.

On Wednesday, Roman Storm, 34, and Roman Semenov, 35, the founders of the Russian cryptocurrency mixer platform Tornado Cash, were charged with laundering over $1 billion through its platform, according to a newly unsealed indictment

Tornado Cash has an unfortunate history of serving as the instrument and tool to helping scramble the location of stolen funds and then distributing them across many wallets, without any way to trace where it originally came from. 

In April and May 2022, Tornado Cash’s service was allegedly used by (the now sanctioned) North Korean cybercrime organization, Lazarus Group, to launder hundreds of millions of dollars in hacking proceeds. 

Storm was arrested on Wednesday in the state of Washington and…

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