AI Art Legend Agoria Unveils Revolutionary ‘Bohem-IA’ Collection


Renowned French AI art pioneer and multi-talented creative Agoria is set to launch his groundbreaking collection of bio-generative artworks, titled ‘Bohem-IA,’ on August 24, 2023. This highly anticipated debut will mark the grand finale of the successful Encounters ‘In Resonance‘ summer arts program at Scorpios, Mykonos, which runs until September 3, 2023.


  • Agoria unveils ‘Bohem-IA’ bio-generative artworks at Scorpios, Mykonos, concluding Encounters ‘In Resonance’ program.
  • Encounters success: $3M+ artwork sales, Yawanawa project, dynamic fusion of artists and musicians.
  • Agoria’s collection pays homage to Mykonos, its vibrant coral reefs, and Scorpios’ creative haven.
(left) Agoria’s “Bohem-IA” #2 & (right) AI Artist Agoria, Courtesy of the Artist

Agoria’s AI Quantum Leap: Introducing ‘Bohem-IA’

A key player in this visionary endeavor, Agoria’s artistic prowess is well-established. Scorpios, a revered creative and culture collective based in Mykonos hosts this extravagant initiative. Scorpios are known for pioneering experimental platforms…

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