Bybit and Oracle Red Bull Racing Collaborate for an Electrifying NFT Release in the Velocity Series


Diving deep into digital artistry, Bybit, and Oracle Red Bull Racing have unveiled an exclusive NFT drop, fusing the thrill of motorsport with cutting-edge blockchain creativity.

The world of cryptocurrency and digital artistry is witnessing yet another exciting confluence. Bybit, the world’s third most frequented cryptocurrency exchange, has publicized an eagerly awaited NFT (Non-fungible Token) release as part of the Velocity Series. This collaboration is the brainchild of Bybit, Oracle Red Bull Racing, and celebrated digital artists, pushing the boundaries of tech artistry.

Two Exclusive Collections by Rik Oostenbroek

Mark your calendars for Aug. 24, when the celebrated Dutch artist Rik Oostenbroek will be unveiling two separate NFT collections within the Velocity Series.

Momentum: This is an exclusive collection, purchasable only by the privileged Velocity Pass NFT holders. The collection promises a fascinating foray into the 3D art world and is a testament to Rik’s evolving prowess. “Momentum” will be up for grabs via a Dutch auction, where machines and data influence…

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