Chengdu IFS Unveils UNBOXING Interactive Art Exhibition to Capture Street Art Inspirations and Unleash Urban Dynamics


Chengdu, China — This summer, Chengdu IFS, the city’s landmark, is staging a unique feast of street art, celebrating creativity to unlock inspiration and using imagination to unchain ideas. In early August, Chengdu IFS joined hands with Ryuji Kamiyama to open UNBOXING, the Japanese highly-influential graphic artist’s first interactive art exhibition in China. Leveraging highly creative and inspirational presentations, UNBOXING encourages the public to activate themselves in a process of viewing and co-creating art, thereby “unboxing” passion and inspiration for the hot summer.

Unleashes Imagination and Inspiration

As the key connection between art, city and public, Chengdu IFS has partnered with Ryuji Kamiyama to launch UNBOXING as its latest crossover showcase, leveraging interactive experience to highlight diverse street culture and fostering a distinctive art space with unique expressions. As one of the key icons of Japan’s Ura Harajuku street fashion movement, Kamiyama builds on Chengdu’s urban features to creatively reinvent his classic…

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