NFT Market Sees Major Shuffles Amid Blue-Chip Drops, Surprising Rises


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The nonfungible token domain, ever changing in its dynamics, has witnessed valuation and demand fluctuations in the preceding 30 days, according to research from Nansen posted on Twitter.

Azuki, a previously steadfast name in the NFT arena, has experienced a dip, especially in the wake of their Elementals launch. Contrastingly, collections such as Milady Maker have steered away from this general downturn, registering a notable 66% rise in floor price.

This surge is positioning them on the heels of seasoned tokens, including Mutant Ape Yacht Club. But, standing apart from the crowd is Sproto Gremlins. Specifically designed for Bitcoin enthusiasts, this token has reported an astronomical 262% growth within a month.


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