ZTX Ventures into Creating 3D Virtual World on Arbitrum Blockchain


ZTX, a prominent player in the crypto and fintech industry, has announced its ambitious plan to establish a novel 3D virtual world utilizing the Arbitrum blockchain, a dominant force accounting for over 60 percent of the Layer-2 market share of Ethereum (ETH). This initiative is poised to revolutionize digital experiences, offering users a multifaceted environment comprising gaming, social interactions, economic participation, governance, and digital asset transactions. The collaboration between ZTX, Jump Crypto, and Zepeto is set to redefine the landscape of blockchain-powered metaverse development.

Building a Multichain Metaverse:

Saurabh Sharma, the Head of Investments at Jump Crypto, highlighted the rationale behind partnering with ZTX, emphasizing their collective strengths, expertise, and proven track record. This alliance is strategically aimed at spearheading the development of a multichain metaverse within the blockchain sphere. This groundbreaking endeavor is poised to introduce a new era of capabilities and functionalities, with the initial phase focusing on an…

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