Bybit NFTs With Rik Oostenbroek: Velocity Unleashed!


Bybit, the world’s third most visited cryptocurrency exchange, teams up with artist Rik Oostenbroek for the much-anticipated NFT launch of the Velocity Series. This partnership intertwines Bybit, Oracle Red Bull Racing, and digital artists, fusing technology and artistry.


  • Bybit collaborates with artist Rik Oostenbroek for Velocity Series NFT launch.
  • Exclusive NFT collections “Momentum” and “Flow State” unveiled, each with distinct access.
  • Velocity Pass offers premium NFT access to dynamic NFT releases and chances to win prizes.

Bybit x Red Bull x Rik Oostenbroek: Speed Thrills On Chain

On August 24, Dutch artist Rik Oostenbroek reveals two NFT collections for the Velocity Series. These collections, “Momentum” and “Flow State,” promise captivating visual experiences.

The “Momentum” collection, accessible solely to Velocity Pass NFT holders, employs a Dutch auction. It marks Rik’s first foray into 3D-generated art, with data and machines shaping the artistic outcome.

Meanwhile, “Flow State” presents a limited edition of 1000 NFTs, exclusively…

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