The issue with Worldcoin, blockchain, and identity validation

Uri Arad, VP of Product at Identiq, tackles the possible benefits and dangers that World ID and worldcoin could bring to the global society.

In light of Generative AI’s rapid rise, identity validation solutions are more critical than ever. Fraudsters can now access sophisticated tools to create, steal, and abuse identities faster and more effectively than ever. New solutions are cropping up to protect identities, and assert authenticity, offering innovative technologies for identity authentication, safe payments, or fraud detection. Most recently, this topic has reached mainstream media primarily due to the launch of World ID – ’a digital passport that lets you prove you are a unique and real person while remaining anonymous.’

Created by OpenAI’s founder, Sam Altman, World ID is positioned as a tool to distinguish humans from AI through what it calls ‘proof of personhood.’ Stored on the blockchain, World ID issues digital wallets to those who are scanned by what is called the Orb. This biometric imaging device captures a high-resolution image of a person’s…

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