Dubai exhibition pits man against machine, artists versus AI


Digital art is becoming more mainstream.

Recently, there has been an influx of artists creating and sharing digital art created using various AI tools.

But digital art doesn’t only have to be experienced through a screen.

Deep Blue: Man + Machine is an immersive audio-visual showcase taking place at Dubai’s Theatre of Digital Art, Souk Madinat, on Saturday and Sunday. It is a stepping stone towards navigating the metaverse, NFTs and crypto.

Organised by the Morrow collective, an arts initiative aiming to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto art, the exhibition includes an interpretative dance performance, a curator’s tour, a workshop on curating digital art and a metaverse VR experience.

“We want people to have this have this experience, have this realisation that digital art is not restricted,” Morrow collective curator Anna Seaman tells The National.

“It is about bringing in the fact that there are ideas of concept creation, narrative, a story and something to think about as well when it comes to digital art and an event like this.”

Deep Blue was chess-playing…

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