Exploring Midjourney, a generative AI art tool


Imagine the possibilities of creating a masterpiece in a matter of seconds. With generative artificial intelligence (AI), digital art is changing dramatically. Instead of spending hours or weeks on a single piece, this technology lets you quickly produce various designs from one idea.

Writing about AI in this column since 2019 has shaped my interest in generative tools. My journey with generative AI began with DALL-E (or DALL-E 2), a text-to-image diffusion model created by OpenAI. Not satisfied with DALL-E, I delved into Midjourney, another text-to-image AI service. While Leonardo and Adobe Firefly have their distinct charm, Midjourney is my primary tool. I commend the developers for their continuous efforts to enhance the functionality and quality of the images that the tool produces.

Midjourney translates detailed text descriptions into images, which I will call as AI art. Using Discord as its platform, a paid subscription grants access to its image-generation capabilities. At the Imagine prompt, I type the following: “a mountain with clouds floating in the sky with pine trees,…

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