Ripple XRP Enters Testing Phase with Financial Powerhouse Western Union


Western Union, the financial giant, is stepping into the world of cryptocurrencies. CEO Hikmet Ersek revealed that the company has its eyes locked on Ripple’s blockchain technology and XRP. So, why is one of the world’s oldest money transfer companies suddenly all about crypto? Simple, it’s the future!

Ripple and Western Union

Ripple isn’t a newbie in the blockchain game. So, when the company confirmed its tie-up with Western Union, they knew exactly what they were doing. Ripple’s statement was clear: “We’ve been testing different products with Western Union for a while.” One of these is the much-hyped xRapid, a solution designed to integrate XRP into payment systems. That’s right, you could soon send money as fast as you send a text!

What Makes Ripple’s XRP So Special?

If you don’t know about XRP, here’s the scoop. Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, said that sending money with XRP is super fast and super cheap. It’s way faster than Bitcoin and costs almost nothing!

It’s not just Western Union. Even the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has inked a deal to…

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