An Open-Edition NFT Artwork by Jack Butcher  


Geometric shapes offer a sense of cleanliness, order, and accuracy to a piece of work. In the field of NFT, the collusion of geometric shapes into art ended in perfection. The attempt of Jack Butcher, a digital artist to enroot geometric shapes into art just sought the attention of individuals towards the Opepen Edition NFT series.            

All About the Opepen Edition NFT Series

NFT landscape developed a strong position in fields including art, music, photography, and Profile pictures and the collaboration of geometric shapes with art is not an exception. Opepen Edition is a collection of 16K ERC-721 launched by Jack Butcher on 08 January 2023. The collection is classified into the art category, running over the Ethereum blockchain. To maintain the interest of users, the artist keeps giving value to the community through changes to the art. 

But what makes the NFT collection unique?

The collection is broken down into sets, released periodically depending partially on Jack Butcher and the market need. Since the launch, the Openpen Edition has undergone four…

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