Analysts Introduce Innovative Framework to Decode Bitcoin Economy in Bear Market

Source: Adobe / fox17

Investment firm Ark Invest and blockchain security firm Glassnode have revealed a conceptual framework for understanding the Bitcoin (BTC) economy amid the ongoing bear market. 

On Thursday, Ark Invest unveiled the whitepaper, titled “Cointime Economics: A New Framework For Bitcoin On-chain Analysis,” which aims to provide a toolkit for comprehending the economic realities of Bitcoin in a new way.

The paper is co-authored by David Puell, a research associate for ARK Invest, and James Check, the lead analyst for Glassnode

It focuses on the differences between the current unspent transaction (UTXO) and a new model called “cointime” that assesses the “real economic weight of a Bitcoin.” 

The cointime economics approach considers the importance of a Bitcoin based on the last time it was moved. 

It introduces the concept of a “coinblock,” which multiplies the number of Bitcoin by the number of blocks produced while the Bitcoin remains unmoved. 

For example, if 10 coins…

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