Chandrayaan 3 makes strong case for blockchain technology


CHENNAI: The successful Chandrayaan 3 landing on Aug 23 made headlines and rightfully so as we, as a nation stood in unison to salute the pathbreaking achievement that stamped the nation’s authority in space technology. This event could herald a new revolution for India. We need not remain merely leaders in this “space” but can leverage frontier technology like blockchain to emerge as the world leader in space technology.

A quick preview into blockchain’s applications for the space economy, will support this line of thinking.

Enhanced automation and precision in space exploration is a significant benefit of blockchain. Smart contracts enable autonomous spacecraft and robots to be programmed to perform specific tasks with great accuracy, decreasing the chance of human error and enhancing productivity. This can entail duties like satellite placement, debris clean-up, and even asteroid mining.

Space missions provide companies with a wealth of data, and private space companies are investigating the feasibility of offering utility tokens that could distribute data gathered on…

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