Grand Theft Auto Creator Take-Two Takes The Helm


A piece of recent news from a gaming news site called Game Is Hard shared that Take-Two Interactive Software, the company behind the famous “Grand Theft Auto” video game series, has entered the world of blockchain gaming.

They released a game called “Sugartown,” built using blockchain technology on Ethereum. This release is a big deal because it shows that Take-Two believes in blockchain gaming, likely making more people interested in using cryptocurrencies.

Take-Two Big Decisions in the Blockchain Market

Take-Two deciding to use blockchain in gaming is a big step for this new type of gaming. Urvit Goel, who used to work for Amazon in the gaming industry, thinks this might encourage other big companies like EA and Activision Blizzard to do the same.

Urvit Goel says games like “Grand Theft Auto” and EA’s “Madden” and “FIFA” make a lot of money from in-game buying and selling. But Goel also expresses his concern about the blockchain adaptation because people worry about controlling what they own in these blockchain games.

The new game lets players collect, own, and…

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