How Avionex is revolutionizing aviation with blockchain | CryptoTvplus


Blockchain technology has permeated various  industries, including finance,education, agriculture, and health.

The aviation sector is also not left out of the impact of blockchain technology. This is where Avionex comes in to make operations seamless, reduce waste, and improve profit for business owners in the sector.

Enes Yedikardeş, the founder of Avionex, discussed   the startup at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2023. Having been immersed  in the industry since his childhood; Enes  was born into a family that has worked in the sector. 

Based on his presentation, gave him a headstart in understanding the challenges in the sector and how to utilize blockchain technology to solve the problems

According to the founder, Avionex seeks  to tackle the challenges that have long plagued traditional aviation systems, particularly in the realms of payment, booking, and efficiency. 

Recognizing the constraints  of existing systems and their inability to keep pace with the demands of modern aviation, the visionary team behind Avionex turned to blockchain technology for solutions.


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