Korea’s QR Payment Shift for Boosting Tourism Experience


Korea Easy Payment Foundation teams up with GLN International for smoother cross-border QR payments, enhancing tourism and economic growth. The collaboration aims to establish a robust QR payment infrastructure, enabling seamless cross-border transactions for international visitors.

The agreement leverages the strengths of both entities: KEPF’s ZeroPay, which boasts a network of 1.72 million merchants, and GLN International, renowned for its global QR payment network. The goal is to invigorate domestic consumption among foreign tourists by providing them with a hassle-free payment experience.

The collaboration plans to roll out cross-border QR payments initially from key regions such as Laos, Thailand and Taiwan within the current year. The scope will then expand to encompass other Southeast Asian countries and additional global areas.

Choi Tong-ju, CEO of KEPF, said: “We are willing to encourage foreign tourists to spend in Korea by adopting cross-border QR payment. In particular, Korea is a top destination for the region of Taiwan and Thailand tourists, and vice versa…

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