How Central Banks Broke Money with Matthew Mežinskis — What Bitcoin Did


Matthew Mežinskis is the creator of the Crypto Voices podcast and Porkopolis Economics website. In this interview, we discuss the concept of base money, a comparison of global currency valuations (including Bitcoin), COVID-19’s impact on the monetary base, limitations of the current monetary system, government debt, inflation, political problems, and the need for change.

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There are quite rightly real concerns over the societal implications of Central Bank Digital Currencies particularly in relation to the capacity it will give governments to erode democratic principles. However, there are already serious concerns regarding the existing system. The transmission of monetary policy, that is, the impact of central bank policy decisions on the economy, is significant. And yet, these policy decisions are done behind closed doors.

Around two-thirds of the United States’ monetary base is digital: equating to 20 trillion dollars. Central banks add and remove trillions of dollars from the monetary system through keystrokes and computer strokes, increasing and reducing the…

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