AI in Web3 Gaming Sparks Blockchain Surge


Ken Timsit, the Managing Director at Cronos Labs, a Web3 startup accelerator, sheds light on the dynamic landscape of web3 gaming in the age of AI. In a recent interview, Timsit highlights several promising trends driving mass adoption of blockchain technology within the gaming sector. Here;s all you need to know about what’s going on in web3/AI gaming right now!


  • Ken Timsit, MD at Cronos Labs, highlights NFTs’ impact, community management expertise, and AI’s role in enhancing Web3 gaming.
  • Advanced tech simplifies user experiences; Cronos blockchain embraces innovation.
  • Balancing decentralization and AI bias prevention crucial for the industry’s growth.

AI’s Role In Web3 Is Bigger Than We Think

One of these trends is the utilization of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in launching Web3 games. Timsit notes that NFTs are not only changing the way in-game assets are owned and traded but also how game developers interact with their communities.

He mentions that successful game developers are becoming adept at community management. They now use NFT launches to create…

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