Decentralized Blockchain Social Networks In The Metaverse



Published August 28, 2023

In many ways, the Internet is similar to the world’s oceans in that there are vast parts that remain untouched and deemed too dangerous to even explore. Just as most people prefer to stay safely on land where they’re most familiar, internet users also stay within the boundaries of search engines like Google, social networking apps, information websites, entertainment, business, and shopping. 

However, there’s a part of the internet called the “Dark Web” which only a niche group of people dare to venture into that often contains information about people, countries, and businesses that should not be disclosed. The Dark Web or “Dark Net” is also inhabited by those who’ve been banned or censored by Web2 social media networks, and for those who want to retain their online autonomy.

One goal of Web3 is to step beyond the walls of the traditional web and into the realm of decentralized SNS to pursue online privacy and freedom, which have in recent years been exploited and even crossed the red lines of many people’s ideas of what…

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