Sei Network’s First Two Weeks


Sei Network is a new contender in the blockchain industry with its growing ecosystem and impressive metrics.


  • Sei Network has gained attention with its impressive speed and near-perfect transaction rate, outperforming rivals like Ethereum and Solana in its first two weeks.
  • Sei has launched a web3 domain naming service, allowing users to register .sei IDs, and has announced various platforms building on its network, offering diverse utilities, from trading to NFTs.
  • Over 300K users have deployed wallets on Sei in the last month, and the SEI token’s FDV appears to be holding strong above $1 billion, marking it as a promising network to watch in the DeFi space.

Introduction: A New Contender in the DeFi Space

Sei Network burst onto the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) scene on August 15 with the launch of its public mainnet, Pacific-1. Known for its massive airdrop program, this fast and secure Layer One blockchain has made impressive strides in just two weeks. 

This article delves into Sei’s journey so far, the metrics that set it apart, and the exciting updates that have rolled out…

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