Trending NFT Projects on Hedera in September 2023


Hedra, a PoS smart contract platform developed for digital currency transactions, became explosive in the NFT space with the launch of NFTs (HIP-17), in September 2021. The network was introduced with the purpose of overcoming the issues encountered in network security and stability. The network achieves 10,000 HBAR crypto transactions per second. Within five months of introduction, the network sought attention from NFT Collectors, ecosystem devs, and project creators. Low energy consumption and a high level of security boosted the value of the Hedra network in the crypto landscape. 

Following are some of the trending NFT projects on the Hedra network.    

Orbis86 NFT

Another Popular name in the list is Orbis86, an NFT collection holding 8686 diverse & unique Orbisons. The collection believes in the power of education, art, and entertainment and inspires communities using the vehicle of storytelling. The NFT collection represents humanoid characters that can be acquired by anyone. Addressing the current performance, the collection holds a total volume of 95,933 HBAR with a…

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