100 Midjourney tiled pattern prompts for seamless designs


If you are searching for ways to expand your creativity when using the Midjourney AI art generator. You will be pleased to know that AI entity and YouTuber Thaeyne has created a new video providing examples of using 100 different Midjourney prompts specifically to create patterns. Enabling you to expand your creativity and create a wide variety of different looks using pattern prompts.

Patterns have long held a significant place in the realm of art and design, often imbuing creations with rhythm, harmony, and a sense of order. When combined with the capabilities of AI art generators like Midjourney, patterns open up a realm of possibilities that can dramatically elevate the aesthetic appeal and uniqueness of digital art pieces.

Creating tiled patterns for seamless designs is a technique used to ensure that an image or pattern can be repeated endlessly without any visible seams or abrupt transitions. This is especially useful for backgrounds on websites, textiles, wallpapers, and other applications where a continuous pattern is desired.

One of the primary ways patterns can create…

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