Casey Reas and Art After the Crypto Crash


Crypto has crashed and burned, but NFT visual culture is the better for it, and here’s why, says the pioneering artist and programmer

Feral File, launched in 2020, is one of the more inventive projects to come out of the recent convergence of digital art with Blockchain and NFT platforms. Founded by programmer and artist Casey Reas, Feral File is an online gallery, in which NFT artworks – by digital artists including Auriea Harvey, Mario Klingemann, Lu Yang and Sarah Friend – are brought together by changing guest curators. While the NFT explosion put the focus on high prices and star names (think Beeple), Feral File experimented with how the relationship between artists, curators and the market for digital works might support artists more equitably, while showcasing artists and projects that reach beyond the NFT hype. In the wake of the crypto crash, J. J. Charlesworth spoke with Reas about the origins of Feral File and the recent launch of the platform’s second iteration, Feral File 2.0.

Casey Reas. Photo: Christopher O’Leary. Courtesy the artist


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