Digital Artist Shavonne Wong Kicks Off European Solo Exhibit


Shavonne Wong may not actively seek the spotlight, but she undeniably attracts it.

Now, the 3D artist is gearing up for her second solo exhibition, marking her European debut.

Starting today and running until September 9, Wong’s solo show will be on full display at the NFT Factory in Paris.

The event will showcase iconic works from the artist—including three new pieces—in collaboration with Marie Claire Arabia, the Arabic version of the magazine.

Shavonne Wong in front of NFT Factory. Image: Mattis Meichler/Decrypt.

“Drawing inspiration from childhood aspirations, I crafted these three pieces, capturing the innocent dreams of becoming astronauts, mermaids, or explorers,” Shavonne Wong told Decrypt.

Her work, as she explains, revolves around “using 3D virtual humans to narrate human stories.” It presents humans, often women, with enigmatic expressions; while the digital aspect reinforces the surrealist atmosphere of her creations.

“One of my most expressive works is titled ‘I am not happy,’ where a smiling woman is surrounded by emojis depicting sadness and anger,” she…

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