FVCKRENDER Drops Evolving NFT ‘FLUX’ on Base


Digital artist Fvckrender, in collaboration with LVCIDIA and Fair.xyz, is introducing an evolving NFT, called FLUX, which will be exclusively available on the Base blockchain as part of Coinbase’s “On Chain Summer” event, beginning August 30 for 48 hours. 

FLUX represents a remarkable fusion of art and technology, presenting a novel concept – 1 NFT that hosts a collection of 12 distinct artworks. 

Over the course of each month, the ERC-721 token will visually transform to showcase a new piece by an up-and-coming artist, offering them a mechanism to expand their collector base. 

Since its inception 10 months ago, Fair.xyz has facilitated creators in amassing over $10 million through primary and secondary sales through a track record of launching over 4,000 digital art collections and approximately 1 million mints. 

Those who choose to engage with the FLUX NFT have the option to ‘lock’ their NFT to a specific artwork, effectively making the art piece a permanent display within their growing personal collection. This interactive and…

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