Unveiling The Multi-Token Network [MTN]


Mastercard’s Quantum Leap: Pioneering MTN Unveiled in Blockchain Sprint

Mastercard’s recent landmark event, the inaugural blockchain innovation sprint in London, marks a groundbreaking stride towards the realization of its revolutionary Multi-Token Network (MTN) project.

At its core, MTN aims to revolutionize transactions, making them seamless and secure for consumers, merchants, and banks by leveraging blockchain-based digital assets. Termed the “multi-chain layer-2,” this groundbreaking network was introduced via a whitepaper, boldly eliminating the need for a conventional consensus mechanism.

Crafted as a meticulous “network overlay,” MTN’s design intricacies optimize blockchain transactions within the established financial framework. Mastercard envisions MTN as a pivotal layer within a holistic digital network ecosystem. The whitepaper vividly illustrates MTN’s integration with Web3, creating a transactional bridge that seamlessly connects banks, service providers, and the settlement layer.

Amidst the revelation of MTN’s immense potential, fintech startup…

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